Devon grew up in Whitewater, a quaint little town in southeastern Wisconsin. She attended the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, earning dual degrees in Art and English Literature. Her original plans to become an English Literature professor changed after she discovered her love for figurative painting.


Since moving to San Diego in 2009, and has been greatly involved in the LGBT community in San Diego. She currently has paintings on permanent display at The LGBT Center (the Center) and the LGBT Youth Center.


Devon's work has been featured on the covers of CityBeat Magazine and Adrienne Poetry Journal. She sells her original art, creates commissioned portraits, and teaches group and private art lessons.  

Artist Statement

There are so many tiny moments in our lives that get lost. They can feel so vivid and raw for those minutes or hours, but they fade. They disappear. Devon juxtaposes sharp painted realism, with the physicality of the paint and canvas. She dissolves the clear memory into the canvas, just as our memory fades.


The women in her paintings are broken down into colors and light, fabric and skin, lips, eyes and fingertips. Their hands, their gestures, and their posture, all contribute to a narrative.  What the real narrative was doesn’t really matter. The viewer can, and she hopes does, insert their own interpretation.


Depicting every day moments of her own life has led her, incidentally, to depict a lifestyle that is underrepresented in our country, and in the art world. Her goal is to make her intimate moments feel relatable, and universal; for the viewer to see the emotion, the sunlight, and a simple instance, and to see themselves within it, even if it is far removed from what they are accustomed to.

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